More New Michael Jackson Song Titles

I have found some more new Michael Jackson musical song titles, all owned by the Estate.

Bottom Of My Heart
Butter Funk
Children's Hour
Green Hornet Groove
I Love You More
King Tutankhamun
Lovin You
Photographs 2 (Instrumental)
Pray For Peace (Instrumental)
Shut Up And Dance.
That (Instrumental)
Think Twice (Instrumental)
Walk Away (Instrumental)
You Are There (Instrumental)

As well some loops and ideas of MJ from last year:
MJ / BB Orchestral Idea #1.
MJ / BB Orchestral Idea #3.
MJ / BB Orchestral Idea #2.
Brad Loop 3700
Brad Loop 3.3.7 MJ
Michael's Affirmation (Instrumental)

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