Who Owns The Jackson Memorablia?

I have been asked in the blog about Henry V. Vaccaro's ownership in the Jackson Family memorablia. Because there are different informations circulating in the media.

What I found out: Vaccaro has a case against a Californa man, named Benson Hopp. In this very ongoing case Vaccaro claims that Hopp stole some of the memorablia from the warehouse where it has been kept for months, and tried to sell them on an auction.

As per a January 31st, 2011 court paper Vaccaro still claims that he is the rightful owner of the memorablia. And furthermore: Vaccaro has a $550.000 unpaid federal tax lien and while the IRS made it's own research they found out that Vaccaro is the only owner of the items.

The IRS demands to sell these items to pay Vaccaro's liens. That most probably means that all the Jackson memorablias might be sold again, and that Howard Mann's ownership is questionable.

Anyways, the greedy old man, Vaccaro got the shorter end of the stick, again.


Michael Jackson: And Justice for Some said...

Thank you, Leslie. Interesting that Vaccaro is using Mann as his front man. This is not the first time he's done that. Wonder if the estate might be interested in buying back Michael's possessions if Vaccaro cannot pay the tax lien. I would think at the very least, Michael's sketches would be of interest to the estate.

Also of interest is that if Vaccaro does indeed own the Jacksons possessions, she must be aware of that fact. I wonder how she has reconciled herself to work with a Vaccaro business associate knowing that he/they own many articles that are valuable in both monetary and sentiment for her children.

Really? said...

Mrs Kathrine Jackson & Howard Mann own it. That has been established. Good for them and for Michaels kids. They have done allot of good with it thus far.