Fire Mountain Services LLC, TTC Touring Inc. has been merged out this week. That means that intellectual properties owned

by this company has been added to another MJ entity.
FMS owned some intellectual property amongst others the Take Two documentary. TTC owned most of the concert footages.

Star Sands Inc. claims Shaye Sullwold and Flamingo Features defrauded it of $50,025 by promising but failing to deliver a video interview with Michael Jackson's mother. The case is pending on Los Angeles Superior Court.

Ian Halperin joined to the team of people who tried to betray MJ but at the end his fate treated him badly. Halpering released a much hated and controversial book about MJ, but haven't been paid by his publisher. The case is on a Montreal Superior court at the moment. Good luck you looser!

Frank DiLeo has been sued again. A promoter claims DiLeo Entertainment swiped $171,000 by falsely claiming it had "exclusive rights" for an "Eddie Griffin & Jamie Foxx Comedy Tour." BJK Entertainment claims DiLeo lied about the comedy tour and refused to return the money. The case is pending on a California court.

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