More Money to the Rabbi

Shmuley Boteach rabbi just released a new book called "Honoring the Child Spirit: Inspiration and Learning from Our Children" that he promotes with MJ's name. Again.

Just read the review he made up for his own book on Amazon:

"Honoring the Child Spirit is an inspirational, emotional, and prescriptive book that calls upon each of us to recognize and honor the openness, creativity, innocence, and awe of children—and to tap into and pay tribute to the childlike spirit that lies at the heart of us all.
Adulthood, according to the late Michael Jackson, is not the be all and end all of growing up and living a worthwhile life. With society’s high expectations placed upon maturity and responsibility, we often shut down our curiosity, sense of play, and deep sensitivity. And with this shutting down, we too often fail to recognize and cherish that spirit in our own children—and the world’s children—so that they can thrive and flourish as children.

With evocative chapters on the childlike qualities most important to Michael Jackson—from Awe and Wonder, Creativity, and Gratitude to Imagination and Security—this heartfelt book gives voice to the eternity of Michael’s spirit and how he should be remembered: as someone who tried to live by these childlike qualities. Though far from perfect, it was this attempt to sustain innocence amidst the trappings of fame that became his life’s goal."

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