The Michael Jackson Estate vs. Joe Jackson

As the media reported, Bravado International Merchandising Services Inc. sued Julian Rouas. Bravado is licensing the Michael Jackson likeness from the MJ Estate, and Rouas is the partner of Joe Jackson in creating a series of parfumes as announced recently. Because of the close connection between Rouas and Jackson, Bravado most probably consulted with the MJ Estate about launching this case.

The case itself is very similar to the ones that Bravado filed in the past couple of months against plenty of other parties. They are referring to the merchandising deal they have with the MJ Estate, and claiming copyright infrigment. They


Unknown said...

I'm glad Bravado International is finally clamping down on Julian Rouas Paris, that was bound to happen. Julian Franck Rouas is accustomed to bad news, a lawsuit is underway in France against him for Copyright Infringement, Theft, Abuse of Trust, Forgery, and Unfair Competition; Julian Rouas stole his flagship product Swing. This is the death knell for Julian Rouas Paris. Every Michael Jackson fan ought to read the truth about the man behind the Jackson Tribute Perfumes, Julian Rouas, http://jacksontributefragrances.blogspot.com/

Susan62509 said...

Does the Estate own the "History" logo?

Anonymous said...


Another blogger with even more info about Bravado vs. Rouas

The History logo is owned by a German company called Tepax. Leslie blogged that they have extended the licence for it. That is why Wiesner turned up next to Joe Jackson when marketing his ice-cream and champagne stuff. The perfume however is another ill-fated "business" venture. Is that a family sickness? None of that family seems to have common sense or business sense.....

LeslieMJHu said...

Susan: unfortunately not.

Susan62509 said...

Thank you Leslie & Anonymous for answering my question.

Joe's been busy:
"Mr. Joseph Jackson will use the occasion “Cannes” to premiere to a select audience excerpts of his upcoming Movie script tentatively titled “Was it All Worth while”.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada: The botched launch of a perfume in memory of pop icon Michael Jackson caused a stink this week, as his father distanced himself from a Frenchman behind the deal, and a lawsuit disputed their rights.

“They can say whatever they want … I am the father, he was my son and I can decide what to do on his behalf and in his honor,”


mjhir said...
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Anonymous said...

how is the exploitation of one's son for personal gain equivalent to "honoring" him (him as in the son, that is, not Joe *ehem*)?

AnnaV said...

This is the latest on the Jackson Tribute Fragrances saga by Julian Rouas Paris. The Michael Jackson perfumes have a new look. Still, we can see Michael Jackson' s silhouette on the bottle, despite the Bravado lawsuit. Lately, Julian Rouas has been placing free ads to advertise these perfumes in Italy, Russia and other far-flung places, a lame attempt to get unsuspecting foreigners to buy his stillborn and highly controversial fragrances.

Follow this link to get a peek at these foul perfumes:


Also, a must read:


Julian Rouas doesn't take "No" for an answer. You throw him out the window, he comes right back climbing up the balcony. You throw him off the balcony, he comes back through the main door with a vacuous smile as if nothing happened.

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