Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann

As an interesting twist in the story, Henry Vaccaro's private investigator who found the Jackson memorablia back in 2002 filed a petition in the case. He claims that he is entitled to 14% of anything that comes from the collection. And he doesn't care who pays him, Vaccaro, Howard Mann or the MJ Estate.

Mann and Vaccaro jointly filed an opposition that the investigator doesn't have any interest in the memorablia. However they didn't provide any details.

On the other side the MJ Estate filed papers from the 1996 case where the Judge decided to sell the Jackson family estates, except MJ's and Janet's. Now they say that Vaccaro have not been entitled to get any of MJ's properties, neither he could have sell it.
This means that the MJ Estate changed it's strategy, and now they are going after the previous court decesions, and they want to get all the MJ related items, not only stop Mann and Vaccaro.


Susan62509 said...

If the investigator doesn't have a contract reflecting 14% fee with Vacaaro, then I would think the judge would throw it out. His petition will be an interesting read.

The Estate is smart to start from the beginning and follow the past court decisions.

Thank you Leslie. More great information you have provided to us. Your updates are a treasure !!

Anonymous said...

Jermaine's new song titled "This Is It".

Is Jermaine following the footsteps of Howard Mann?

Anonymous said...

Leslie U reported that certain people were working for MJ 3 days after the "contract" was signed.

Were these people at attendance at the meeting at the hilton hotel do you know.
It is my understanding that 3 lawyers read contract to mj.
Dennis hawk was 1 AEG's guy forgot his name he was another and if you read the beginning of "contract" it says Atty Tohme.
Where was Londell and where was Peter Lopez?
Sorry if this has already been answered.

LeslieMJHu said...


Anonymus: i'm sorry, i don't understand this "3 days" question.