The Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann

Howard Mann's lawyers filed their list of witnesses, what is... the strangest set of people ever seen! Just to name a few:
Dr. Tohme,
Katherine and Joseph Jackson,
All the Jackson siblings,
Henry Vaccaro,
Joel Katz,
Al Malnic,
Didier Witzner (might be Dieter Wiesner :) ),
Brian Oxman,
Adam Streisand,
Longdell MacMillan (aka. Londell McMillan :) ),
Randy Phillips.

They are citing multiple letters between parties like Brett Livingstone-Strong, Henry Lowell and Katherine.

On the other side the MJ Estate named his witnesses as well, where similar names appears, with the addition of Trent Jackson and Melissa Johnson.

The case might go to trial with the estimated start of June 11, 2012.


Susan62509 said...

Leslie thank you for posting this. Strange group of people indeed !!

Out of 11 line items, 7 are crooks. How does Randy Phillips fit into this circus? I feel sorry for Adam Streisand having to waste his time.

Amazing how many people would support Mann to take money away from MJ3.

Interesting why Mann won't do business with everything Jackson or Jackson 5 in which Katherine, Joe & the siblings could receive a cut of income.....but no they have to use Michael in order to make more money and depend upon Michael's fans. Mann must think MJ fans are ignorant. Greed is blinding.

Anonymous said...

Mann's witness list is irrelevant. I don't see the judge allowing such people to testify as they have no knowledge of the matter at hand. I mean what are Sony/Atv, Randy Phillips, Malnik, Cirque du Soleil, MGM Grand supposed to contribute to Mann's case?

The Jacksons are bunch of idiots. That's a well known fact in the industry. Give them some loose change and they will be your slaves for the rest of their sorry lives.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to agree with Anonymous 6/15 4:31; not so much that J's are idiots as they are connivers themselves. It's just a shame the estate has to waste money on prosecuting these thieves. How many Jackson books have come out since Michael's death; how many long gone music careers have been revived since Michael died. He supported them all in life so they expect the same in death. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Fan of MJ huh?

Susan62509 said...

Yes,I am an MJ fan. MJ was his own person and fabulous individual. He's not a packaged deal that his fans HAVE to accept, love or agree with his family members.

I've been waiting for just 1 family member's book or interview to say "thank you" to him for everything he has done for them in his lifetime.