Prince Paris Blanket LLC

A little tidbit: The funds from The Michael Jackson Estate to the children are distributed to a Delaware company, called "PPB LLC" (as "Prince Paris Blanket LLC"). It has been registered on November 4, 2010. Already over 10 million dollars has been moved to the company's account.

Another two entities are registered for the same, or almost the same purpose: PPB II LLC in Delaware (August 15, 2011), and PPB (NV), LLC in Nevada (June 27, 2012).

If I should speculate, I would say that the Estate will not only distribute funds through these companies, but will move MJ's (maybe debt free) entities under these new companies/trusts. The multiple names, especially if registered in different states may refer to that.


Martin Henderson said...

Great info! Thanks! We all love Michael

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Where do you find this information ??? Bcz I never find anything about that .... Thank you for your reply... GodBless!!!