Legal Updates

As the media reported, AllGood Entertainment's (AGE) exorbitant case has been dismissed on Friday.
Some interesting tidbits, that the media didn't report about:
- AGE's president said to his colleagues in April 2009 that Joe Jackson haven't meet with MJ for nearly two years.
- AGE claimed that they didn't pay Frank DiLeo, because they learned that his partner, Mark Lamicka was incvolved in another court case.
- Around late 2008 AGE's president sent an e-mail to a fellow AGE team member about that “the deal dies if MJ catches wind of any dealings with Sony”.
- AGE previously heavily commented any court roulings on their websites, that they just removed after the dismissal.

On this occasion I will give an overview of the remaining legal cases for the Estate of MJ:

- MJ Estate vs. Heal The World Foundation: The Estate claims multiple copyright infrigments. Melissa Johnson just found a new legal counsel.

- John Landis, Ola Ray vs. MJ Estate: The joint case over the Thriller video incomes will continue this October.

- Nederlander Presentations vs. MJ Estate: The case about a proposed MJ musical will continue this September.

- Seven Echols vs. MJ Estate: This case is about an alleged unpaid security bill of MJ. Will continue this September.

- Richard Lapointe vs. MJ Estate: The case about the never sold MJ memorablia will go on trial next March.

- First Commemorative Inc. vs. Triumph International: The MJ Estate company has been sued by a merchandise partner.

- Bravado sued 20+ companies for copyright infrigment based on their exclusive MJ licensing deal.

In my opinion, no later than this December all the related cases can be closed down in the favor of the Estate.

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