Vintage Pop Projects - Updates

Few weeks ago I wrote about who is behind one of the recent Jackson Family projects. Now I have more information on this business venture.

As I talked about it many times in the past, the biggest Jackson Family memorablia collection is owned by a New Jersey businessman, named Henry Vaccaro. He took over the items after years of litigations with the Jacksons over a failed business venture. It is a very complicated and sad story. MJ's lawyers went through all the items at least two times over the years to remove all the personal items of MJ, as a family member who wasn't involved in the lawsuits. Though the collection still consists some of old stuff.

Despite recent media reports, Vaccaro still claims ownership over all the items. He somehow teamed up with a Canadian businessman, named Howard Mann and set up at least 3 entities in California to present the public with the items through different ways, and of course earn good money on them.

Mann got in touch with Katherine and Joe, and got their approval on using the items. It was an important move for Vaccaro and Mann, because having the Jackson parents on their side protected them from the Estate's public and legal battle. Mann set up a company along with Katherine and Joe in Delaware called "Never Can Say Goodby LLC" for the purpose of releasing a book full of old pictures, a calendar and other merchandises. Recently they attached a DVD interview with Katherine to the book.

It is very clear that Vaccaro and Mann are violating MJ's rights owned only by his Estate. They might own items related to MJ, but they can not sell his image for money. And they know it. The whole structure of the companies owned by them, the fact that they involved the Jackson parents, and that Vaccaro could not do any money out of the collection over the years prooves that. But most importantly a recent legal action against a website, called MichaelJacksonCasino.com. Their lawyer unnecessary refers to a previous legal battle between Vaccaro and MJ in the documents. On other parts they refer to the Estate as a similar entity to theirs. The only reason why they do it is to make clear for the Estate, "you can not do anything with us", and to plaint in the public that they are also owners of any MJ related rights. Come on, who cares about a stupid whitelabel casino website that's been there for years? Once they successfully defend MJ's rights on court, they will be able to pretend like an other legal entity to explore MJ's likeness.

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Anonymous said...

"It is very clear that Vaccaro and Mann are violating MJ's rights owned only by his Estate." Actually-it's not very clear. That is your opinion. If they did not have these rights, surely they would be shut down by now. They DO have them and they are helping the Jackson Family. Kathrine Jackson is very happy with Howard Mann helping her and so are MJ's kids. AND so id the Heal The World Foundation that is able to help the needy once again and all because of Howard Mann. Leave him alone. the man is a saint.