Old Projects III.: TTC Touring Inc.

Another old project, with important impacts on recent MJ projects!

MJ established "TTC Touring Inc." (TTC) back on June 6th, 1984, one month before the Jacksons' Victory tour began. TTC was meant to represent MJ in his touring ventures (owner, operator, licensee, and promoter). TTC also represented MJ over his "Bad" and "Dangerous" tours and been suspended in the mid 90's.

Tidbit: here you can see the original contract for leasing an office for TTC signed by MJ: http://global.ebay.com/MICHAEL_JACKSON_SIGNATURE_ON_LEASE_AGREEMENT_AUTHENTIC/290453795417/item

TTC became famous after Marcel Avram sued the company for the cancellation of several concerts in the early 90's. And because of MJ sued the Daily Mirror through this company for a photograph taken at one of the concerts.

TTC also released concert memorablia, photo books and is the sole owner of the only officially released MJ concert video, "Michael Jackson: Live In Bucharest".

Why is TTC so important in recent MJ projects? TTC is most likely the owner of footages recorded on all "Bad" and "Dangerous" concerts. The previously suspended company just got activated in California! That means that the company is taking part in a new business deal or is a part of a legal litigation. I search through all court system, but couldn't find any cases involving TTC.

Furthermore TTC is now managed by Ziffren, Brittenham LLP, that's John Branca's company. Accounting is done by Michael Kane from Crowe Horwath LLP, the company that worked for MJ right before his death.

It's been never confirmed but sounds logical that MJ concert videos has been on hold due to MJ's bad business relationship with Sony. Sony had to approve any such releases. Now that the Estate re-negoitated it's contract with Sony, this might include or help the Estate to release any concert footage.

Anyways activating TTC gives new hope for MJ fans waiting to see the King live again.

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