Old Projects V.: MJ HIStory Logo

In one of the comments here I have been asked about the old MJ logo he started to use around the HIStory project.

This is a very short story: the logo has been registered in Germany only for European use on October 27th, 2000. This might be a part of MJ's then deal with Dieter Wiesner about licensing some intellectual property rights for the region.

The logo was owned by MJ Net Entertainment AG (MJNE) that MJ partly owned with Wiesner. On September 22nd, 2006 the logo's rights were transferred to a company named TePax.

MJNE and TePax created some merchandise together, but due to a legal fight between MJ and Wiesner none of them has been sold. Furthermore TePax never been paid. After years of litigation the judge transferred the rights of the logo from MJNE to TePax. We know of no use of the logo since then.

The logo is still owned by TePax and it's trademark protection will expire on October 31st, 2010.

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