New MJ Songs!

New MJ songs!

MJ recorded "For The World" with Theron Feemster in 2009 in Los Angeles.

And "All In Your Name" with Barry Gibb in 2003 in his Miami home.

As well two another songs has been registered recently under "Beatbox 2010" and "Shut Up And Dance". Both songs has been recorded with Eric Kirkland and Prince Michael Durham sometime in 2009.


Anonymous said...

This is a great information! :)Thanks fo this! :)

Have you some informations about Cascio's songs? How many songs have been recorded by MJ with Eddie Cascio in 2007? Sometimes, 10 songs are mentionned, sometimes 12...What's their names? Music style?

What do you think about the MJ's voice in the Cascio's song?

I love some of this songs, in particular Monster, but MJ voice is little recognizable...

Please, can you write an article about Cascio's songs, with all informations you have? Because the history of this songs is very mysterious, strange and i ask myself lots of questions about this.

Excuse me for my English, i am French :)

L.O.V.E. :)

LeslieMJHu said...


At the moment I don"t have that much of information about the Cascio songs or the era, but will look into that later.

I personally believe that MJ sings in the Cascio songs.


jok3r0314 said...

any chance on hearing snippets of these songs?

viperdk said...

Any chance the song "Shut Up & Dance" is a cover of the Aerosmith song from way back in the 70s?

Anonymous said...

About Monster: Is this song really from 2007? I found this list of MJ unreleased stuff (http://www.mjackson.fr/index.php?/topic/524-listing-des-titres-rares-et-inedits-de-michael-jackson/) with a mention of a song titled "Monster" in 1998... Have you any informations about this? Thanks :)

LeslieMJHu said...


I don't know anything about the song release dates. But one thing is sure: if the Estate registers a song, that will be released sometime, somehow.

I have no more information on the songs either.