Legal Cases - Updates

Without any doubts the biggest challenge for the Michael Jackson Estate in legal terms is the Howard Mann and Melissa Johnson duo, and keeping MJ's trademarks, copyrights and legacy controlled. If these individuals will be able to avoid any punishment, then they will be free to sell off MJ's name for whatever reasons, but most importantly: in the same cheap and amateur way they did in the past.

Othe cases includes mostly debates over money issues and some lunatics.

The MJ Estate has the following known legal cases:

- The Michael Jackson Estate on probate court:
On March 15, 2011 the court will hold a hearing regarding the sale of a real property (this might be related to Alejandra Jackson's removal from the Hayvenhurst property). No other important hearings.
No updated information on the creditor claims.

- Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson: No updates in the case since my last report. Johnson has been denied to use any of the MJ trademarks, while Howard Mann has been deposited on February 16, 2011.

- Michael Jackson Estate vs. Howard Mann: No updates in the case since my last report.

- John Landis vs. Michael Jackson: Landis sued MJ on unpaid royalty fees. The case will go on trial this October.

- Ola Ray vs. Michael Jackson: Similarly to Landis Ray is suing for unpaid royalty fees as well. The case will go on trial this November.

- Nederlander Presentation vs. Michael Jackson: Nederlander sued MJ due to a failed musical that the star agreed on. The case will go on trial this November.

- Seven Echols vs. Michael Jackson Estate: Echol claims that he hasn't been paid for his services rendered to MJ. The case will go on trial this June.

- First Commemorative Mint Inc. vs. Triumph International Inc.: No important updates in the case since my last update.

- AllGood Entertainment vs. Michael Jackson: AGE filed for an appeal on September 17, 2010, but they missed a deadline to file the required papers until January 28, 2011. If they won't send the papers until March 8, 2011 the case will be dismissed. AGE sued MJ due to a failed concert that neither MJ or any of his representatives agreed to.

- Jose Freddie Vallejos vs. Michael Jackson Estate: The MJ Estate has been sued along with the city of Los Angeles due to the high costs of MJ's funeral in the summer of 2009. Some of the parties might be dismissed this March.

- Richard Lapointe vs. Julien Entertainment: The MJ Estate is a defendant in the case. Lapointe is suing them for a failed auction where he bought some MJ related merchandises. The case will go on trial this March.

- Bravado International Group Merchandising: The company that bought the licenses to sell MJ related merchandises still have plenty of ongoing cases due to copyright infrigment on the MJ trademarks.

- MJ Publishing Trust: MJP is taking part in plenty of suits along with BMI due to copyright infrigments on MJ's music.

- Citadel Ltd. vs. Frank DiLeo: DiLeo has been sued over a failed MJ concert in Tobago. Neither any of the defendants answered the case so the Judge ruled a default entry against DiLeo and his partners. It means that they will have to pay at least $300.000 to this company. MJ has nothing to do with this case.


Anna said...

Do you know any details about Mann's deposition?

Natália said...

In which way this hearing regarding the sale of a real property might be related to Alejandra Jackson's removal? Because I'm very worried about this hearing. I think that this would be the sell of some Estate's assets. Do you have some more information about this hearing?

LeslieMJHu said...


I know nothing of Mann's deposition yet.

There aren't that many real estate assets they own, so it will turn out soon...


Natália said...

Could you explain what is real assets? Are they the assets owned only by the estate? Without partnership?

LeslieMJHu said...


I meant the properties owned by the MJ Estate. Like Neverland (50%), Hayvenhurst, and the other Encino house.


Natália said...

So you think that Neverland could turn out soon?

Anna said...

Oh, no. I hope it's not Neverland!I guess we will find out on March 15.