MJ Business Clearing Up

As I have reported previously, there is an ongoing "house cleaning" in the MJ business areas coordinated by his Estate. Some less important but interesting changes:

- Majority of his old companies are activated again, and the entity details as per the entity address is John Branca's office, agent address is Crowe Horvath's (accounting company) address. I have no exact information of the real reason of the changes, however my guess would be to centralize the intellectual property rights to one company with the merg outs, or something to do with taxation issues.
Companies affedted like: History Tours Inc, History Tours Inc II, Invincible Tours Inc, Go For Your Dreams Foundation, MJJ Artistic Inc, Triumph Multimedia Corp,

- Interesting exceptations are: Triumph International Inc. (agent address for Greenberg Traurig, this company might stay activated and responsible for all IP rights), MJJ Records LLC (aka. MJJ Music, with Sony addresses), MJJ Ventures and MJJ Productions (has the entity address of Crowe Horvath).

- If anyone from the Estate reads me, some more companies left. :) Like: MJJ Kingdom LLC, Jackson International LLC., MJ Company LLC.


Bettina said...

les, you're just an awesome researcher. thank you.

Bettina said...

Les, you're just an awesome researcher! Thank you. :-) ...indeed hoping the Estate listens, too

Anonymous said...

I haven't left a comment on here before but wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of the research you've done. Thank you.