Melissa Johnson Case Updates

Some updates from the above titled case:

- The MJ Estate wanted to deposit Howard Mann in the case. Who first asked for a change in the date, and later cancelled it through his councel saying "the plaintiffs wouldn't need him". Now the court ordered that Mann has to appear for a deposition no later than February 28th, 2011.

- The MJ Estate asked for a premilnary injuction, and the Judge granted it. From now on Melissa Johnson or any of her related companies can not use MJ's likenes and any of his trademarks. The only thing they can keep for now is the Heal The World name. This is a serious damage both for Johnson and Mann (the later paid huge money for the non-existing rights).


Eiffel said...

Hi Leslie,

Apparently, Katherine Jackson and MJ's children completed an interview with Robin Roberts from Good Morning America which will air on Friday, 2/25. The children are wearing 'Heal the World' t-shirts and it also appears Monica Johnson is on camera behind the scenes. Can you look into this? I have a feeling this is going to get very bad rather shortly.

LeslieMJHu said...


I haven't seen the interview yet. What I think is that Katherine exactly knows the situation with the MJ Estate vs. Melissa Johnson. And this is a message from her part.


Eiffel said...

Yes, I am sure Katherine does as well but it amazes me that she would use the children in this matter, and why she is so hell bent on wanting to make money for others than the Estate which benefit the children.

june said...

Katherine should not be using Michael's children to promote Johnson's cause and that is exactly what KJ is doing. Michael would never let his children be subject to such exploitation; odd how all things negative Michael start out on ABC. The estate is aware and Eiffel is correct, this will get bad shortly.