Michael Jackson Death Investigation

Until now I didn't pay attention to the case that investigates MJ's death, neither to the circumstances to this sad event. I just decided to make a series of blog posts about this, because now I feel i'm able to talk about this.

If anyone would join in the investigation, and create a reliable source for what happened around MJ's death, send me a message to lesliemjhu@gmail.com
As usually, I won't take anything that's unfounded, unproven or simply is about hate or biase.


Anonymous said...

The best address to start is the blog Trials & Tribulations by Sprocket. perhaps this blogger will cover the CM trial but she isn't sure yet.


Marius said...

Too late to start blogging about this two years after his death. Sorry to say it.

Susan62509 said...

I have collected a lot of information that I will email to you immediately.

Conrad Murray's trial is scheduled for opening statements on Sept. 20, 2011.

Michael Jackson: And Justice for Some said...

I don't believe it's too late at all. The trial doesn't start until September and we're only in June. This leaves 4 entire months to gather information.

Jitendra Kapadiya said...

I very much appreciate your work about the great legend MJ. It inspires a lot like me.

Jitendra Kapadiya said...
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