Take Over

I'm happy to report about that despite the ongoing miseria around the Melissa Johnson case, the Michael Jackson Estate starteed to take over all the MJ trademarks. These includes:
Gone too soon
Heal the world

As well the original Heal The World foundation has been transferred temporary to a company. I guess soon it will be managed by the MJ Estate.


Susan62509 said...

The settlement agreement was for Melissa to turn over all trademarks to the Estate within a few months. Now that Melissa's lawyer is stating they aren't following the agreement if Melissa has already turned in ALL her trademarks or holding back now????

Anonymous said...

What is the company's name HTW was turned over to? Why?

Anonymous said...

And Taj Maalik is having a fit about it LOL..Perhaps someone should explain to her that is how the law works usually;-)))))

Susan62509 said...

Hi Anonymous:
I believe because McClain & Branca are entertainment attorneys only handling probate and get a commission from MJ's personal company, they delegate all other Estate responsibilities to other companies/people. They hired someone to manage MJ's personal company for the Estate. It will take a lot of paperwork & time to convert all of Johnson's trademarks OUT of her name and into MJ Estates name. There are numerous trademark attorneys that specialize in trademark research as time consuming "red tape" is involved from start to finish.

Taaj is like so many other fans that feel laws are/should be decided by personal emotions. lol She must believe Howard Mann's b.s. that Katherine & MJ3 aren't receiving any monies from the Estate so Mann will play Robin Hood to steel from the rich and give to the poor. lol

Susan62509 said...

typo: steel should be steal

Anonymous said...

Sounds understandable...quite a mess that was left behind trademark-like if you ask me.....IMO Branca's and McClain's higher fees are well deserved in order to sort all of this out!;-)

Anonymous said...

evertime the law doesn't support the emotions of the moment does not mean that is an indication of a corrupt legal system...more often than not, it translates to ignorance of the law.

thank you for remaining vigilant in regards to the lawsuits surrounding MJ's Estate, while selflessly helping others to be better informed, Ms. Hu.

best regards,

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous - as per the California Secretary of State [http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/cbs.aspx]Entity Number: C3036817 (Johnson's HTWF) Status: MERGED OUT and Entity Number: C1688875 (MJ's 1991 HTWF) is listed as ACTIVE and is being managed by NATIONAL CORPORATE RESEARCH, LTD.

Leslie is correct also in that HTWF, Gone Too Soon, MJ trademarks have been transferred to Triumph International, Inc., as per the USPTO, recorded 5.13.2011.

- mjhir

Anonymous said...

also, M. Johnson filed for trademarks "Thriller", "Neverland" and "Michael Jackson" in August of 2009, but there are no registration numbers/approval currently assigned for them with the USPTO.


Really? said...

Interestingly enough, it does look like Howard Mann is a modern day Robin Hood to the Jackson Family. Kudos Mr. Mann. Thank you for helping Michael's family and having what it takes to fight the corrupt Jackson Estate. You have done a great job and are amazing us all.

Anonymous said...


You're an idiot. How is Mann helping MJ family when he's stealing from his children?

Mann is a thug and thank God the executors of the MJ Estate are there to serve and protect all the assets of MJ, including his image, likeness and intellectual property for the benefit of his children - the only heirs to his fortune.