Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson

The MJ Estate filed it's answer on Brian Oxman asking for $4.000 reimbursment, becuase he appeared for a deposition back in February.

The MJ Estate amongst others claims:
- Oxman tried to avoid to be served with the subpoenas,
- He refused to go to the deposition,
- Failed to respond on the MJ Estate's form about reimbursing costs for him,
- He wanted to be part of this trial as he was submitting his witness statement to Johnson voluntary, later didn't want to testify on their side,
- No one locates on his office address, but a surplus store where he and his father are selling "anti-radiation" pills to the public following the earthquake in Japan,
- According to the process server "Oxman took the subpoena papers when he was served, clearly realising he had been caught and had little choise but to accept",
- After Oxman received the subpoenas his wife e-mailed the MJ Estate lawyers saying that Oxman won't be available on any of the dates mentioned,
- The MJ Estate lawyers just found out that Oxman and his wife (and partner in their law firm) has a long history of sending mails that no one receives finally, when they are in trouble,
- When the MJ Estate lawyers started to force him to appear for the deposition, he called them "incompetent", "rude" and offensive". When they were discussing the date of Oxman's deposition, if he will be available anytime he replied to the lawyer "well, aren't you a brave young lady?",
- Oxman wants to get money, because of the costs of "binding" the documents he produced. However the documents were not binded in any ways, aside from being rubberbanded,
- According to law Oxman has to be reimbirsed for around $100 that includes his travelling fees and so. This money has been sent to him 3 times over the past 2 months, last time he has been personally served with the check. And now he claims that he didn't get the money and wants $4.000,
- Oxman claims that he spent 12.3 hours on searching and collecting documents for the deposition and counts with his alleged $500 fee. At the end Oxman appeared on the deposition with only 5 documents, one of them was an empty envelope...
- Oxman has been suspended twice, first time in 1998 for similar incidents. And in 2009 when the California State Bar suspended his licence for 2 years.

Now how great attorney the Jackson family had for 25 years?


june said...

And this guy is a lawyer (or suspended lawyer)? A witness subpoenaed for a deposition with production of records is entitled to witness fee and mileage, period. There's no requirement for him to be reimbursed for copying documents; sometimes, the attorneys will agree voluntarily to pay something towards that, but it's not mandated. Then he shows up with just a handful of documents anyway and submits a bill for thousands of dollars? Laughable!?

Susan62509 said...

Thank you for this information.

The media had reported that it was going to be suspended, but it never was. It WAS suspended for 3 years this past March 3, 2011 along with his wifes license also. A substitution of attorney needs to be filed in the court because he can't represent Joe Jackson in his wrongful death suit.

Here's the link to read his current suspension:

Susan62509 said...

I need to clarify my above comment.
It was the 2009 media articles that said his license would be suspended, but it wasn't at that time.

Anonymous said...

Leslie it seems to me like you are just going by the documents the Estate filed in response, How do you know the Estate are telling the truth?? I do not trust Branca or anything that comes from him

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Who cares what you think?

Anonymous said...

Oxman is a JOKE!

I don't know how he obtained his law degree. Maybe he got it through the black market. Who knows?

Susan62509 said...

Anonymous 1:15 a.m. 5-22-11

You know when someone is telling the truth when they have evidence proving their statements. It’s the evidence & statutes the judge views to make their decision, not from hearsay or opinion. Branca gets blamed for everything, yet he’s not the one writing the lawsuits. Greenberg Traurig law office is handling the lawsuit against HTWF. The first page of any lawsuits tells you who the lawyers are for the plaintiff and defendant. As executors, Branca and McClain’s attorney is Howard Weitzman. Obviously Michael Jackson believed and trusted Branca and McClain to make them executors. Whether MJ fired Branca has no relevance regarding MJ’s Will/Trust. The way to void a prior Will/Trust is to write a new one. It’s that simple because the most currently dated Will/Trust is the one courts accept.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously Michael Jackson believed and trusted Branca and McClain to make them executors." untrue... Kathrine Jackson said it herself-Michael never trusted them. (period)
Umm. I think I will believe his own Mother before I believe a bunch of hype-Thank you. Howard Mann should run the Jackson Estate. He is smart and obviously actually "likes" the Jacksons. Unlike the greedy lawyers of the estate now.

Anonymous said...

"Kathrine Jackson said it herself-Michael never trusted them."

umhmmm. let's see. This is the same
woman who parades his children like cage-monkeys on TV and call her son's nose a toothpick. Plus, she's bound those kids to one of the most degrading contracts on earth to a porn producer in order to promote her lousy products.

" Howard Mann should run the Jackson Estate."
Obviously MJ thought otherwise and thank God for that.

He is smart and obviously actually "likes" the Jacksons. Unlike the greedy lawyers of the estate now."

HaHaHa. you stupid clown.
He's a thug, an imposter looking to make a buck out of the Jacksons.

At least the greedy lawyers are making money for MJ children. while Mann is making profit for himself.

Susan62509 said...

Anonymous 5/28 1:07 a.m.

Do I offer my sympathy to you or Katherine? When Katherine says MJ didn’t trust Branca, MJ himself proved her wrong in June 2009 when he authorized Branca to continue with new ventures for him. Read Branca's declaration signed under penalty of perjury. MJ also proved her wrong because he never changed his Will/Trust to remove Branca.

If you read Joe’s lawsuit to remove the executors from MJ’s Estate, you will see a copy of the investigative report on Branca for alleged money funneling overseas. The report found no wrong doing by Branca. What an embarrassment & insult to Oxman as the attorney who was Joe’s lawyer. Any layman off the street can read the report and figure that out, so that doesn’t say much in the I.Q. dept. for Katherine, Joe, and Oxman.

Howard Mann is aware of their I.Q. levels and taking full advantage to financially line his own pockets and not Katherine or MJ3. Read the contract Katherine signed with Mann. He gets 75% and she & MJ3 get 25%. She signed all her rights away to Mann, didn’t have an attorney look at the contract prior to signing it, and all money Mann advanced her has to be paid back first prior to collecting her/MJ3’s whopping 25%. Mann scammed her big time !!!!!

To date everything Mann has legally filed with the Estate, the judge has overruled. Mann hasn’t won anything. Robin the hood is failing. He’s a con artist so don’t put your money where your mouth is.

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