Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson

On May 14th, 2011 the MJ Estate has been notified about that the defendants do not intend to follow their obligations under the settlement agreement. They are claiming that Melissa Johnson did not have the authority to sign the settlement agreement in the name of board of directors.

Since the parties agreed in settling the case, defendants didn't follow andy of the settlement terms. Johnson's lawyer insisted that they have concerns regarding the terms of the settlement. This lawyer insterestingly sent a copy of this communication to Howard Mann, that tells a lot.

The fact that the board of directors rejected the settlement means that both Katherine and Joseph Jackson was present and voluntary agreed to this, and plays on fighting again the MJ Estate.


Susan62509 said...

I guess Mann finally realized without Melissa's logo's he wasn't going to sell much MJ merchandise. Mann paid for Melissa's attorney, so I think Mann is the instigator of this new action.

I'm curious if the entire board of directors voted for Melissa to sign the Estate settlement or if Melissa felt because she was president she didn't need their votes?

Either way, now it will go to trial with, most likely, the same end result. Which side will Katherine take.....the Estate or Melissa's?

Anonymous said...

It was not a settlement that was signed but a "Memo of agreements" a huge difference

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: You can call it all you want, but the agreement is binding. which means they cannot get out of it unless they show that they were under duress when signing or that the agreement terms are unlawful. Neither of that is the case.

This board of directors excuse is just laughable and pure bullshit. They seem not to have had a problem at the time the agreement was signed to the dot. but once Mann unlawfully received a copy of the confidential agreement and realized that his plans of exploiting MJ's trademarks have been tossed out of the window, he unilaterally rejected the agreement. after all he's paying for Johnson's legal bills.

Mann can delay this all he wants with his bizarre antics, but he's merely delaying the inevitable i.e: the Estate will win this case. The evidences are simply overwhelming.

Susan62509 said...

Anonymous 6:19, 5-22-11
I agree with you 100%. A signed document by both parties is legal in a court of law. The evidence in this case is definitely overwhelming and California State Law supports the prosecution. It’s so obvious that the HTWF defendant & advisors have no comprehension of the civil, criminal or probate law and hasn’t bother to learn. Mann is running in circles and his case will be on the court docket this Fall.

Really? said...

I wish the Estate would leave this poor woman alone. She has kept this charity up and doing good things for years and she is a nurse that helps people and makes no money for donating her time. If only more people would be this way. God bless her. Kathrine Jackson and Howard Mann are the only people pulling for her and guess what, they won :) GOOD!

Anonymous said...

"She has kept this charity up and doing good things for years and she is a nurse that helps people and makes no money for donating her time."
Melissa Johnson is another thug using charities for scams. she's actually giving a bad name to real charities out there.

"Kathrine Jackson and Howard Mann are the only people pulling for her"
ONLY to make a profit. Mann wants to use the trademarks that Melissa Johnson illegally appropriated to sell his own merchandises. that's illegal and plain wrong.

" and guess what, they won :)"
No. they did not. And thank God for that.

Anonymous said...

@Really: If Melissa wants to donate then fine. but she can do it without exploiting MJ and his children. She's not right to his trademarks.

Canada said...

It amazed me how good MJ still was, the dance moves were great and fascinating to me. He was clearly the one in charge of the whole thing. He gave precise instructions of what he wanted, made sure everything was right and did everything that needed to be done.