Old Projects VI: Go For Your Dreams

To continue this serie I picked up a barely known MJ charity, called "Go For Your Dreams".

The Go For Your Dreams Foundation has been establised on October 10th, 2003. It was a part of MJ's then plans, that some of his close associates shared since then: restart his carrier and make him more accessible for the people.

His comeback of course had to include some charity, as it was a part of his likeness. However Heal The World was already defunct at that time, and Heal The Kids failed also due to his relationship with Shmuley Boteach. So he had to pick up a new name and goals.

The charity has been announced on MJ's 45th public birthday in Los Angeles. Back then he said that he will launch it before the end of the year, and he would mostly not to sponsor others by financially but to help them to reach their goals. His expressed wish was to provide and support youth-oriented educational, charitable and health programs and activities.

It's barely known that MJ released branded bags and caps for the announcement of his new charity. Those items had been distributed amongst the fans whom appeared on the party.

While the charity was in the process of obtaining tax-exempt charitbable status, the 2003 scandals broke off. This meant the end of the majority of MJ's plans from that time, including this foundation. It wouldn't have any good PR afterall, neither MJ had any time to take care of this.

The only public event we know of this charity after the allegations is that MJ's custom made Bently that has been signed by the starts participating in "What More Can I Give" video, has been sold off to support this foundation. The auction has been cancelled once and held in early 2004.

Interesting that a foundation under the same name has been registered within Delaware in late 2006.

The foundation has been renewed early this year and now is managed by the Michael Jackson Estate. This either means some taxation issues or that the MJ Estate has plans with the charity. We will see it soon...


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Thank you Leslie for your michael Jackson blog and for all the up date your blog help the MJJcomunity, we appreciate the good work.

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I second Bridgett's motion to thank Leslie for her dedicated research to keep us informed with the current details of everything MJ. Leslie you have a kind heart in using your time to share your information with us. Thank you very much.

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Hi, my Name is Sevda Cetmiyilmaz, I live in mMelbourne Australia and I am an Absolutely HUGE MJ fan.
I would really like to be an ambassador for this project and would like to help keep it going. Please send me details on how to be apart of this project or if there is a site for it .
My email is: sev2000@hotmail.com

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