Jackson Family Businesses

Following the recent months' continous feud between the Jackson family and the Michael Jackson Estate, I have made some researches on how the family operates on business levels.

The key person in the family is MJ's mother, Katherine Jackson who resides on the Encino compound jointly owned by LaToya and the MJ Estate. MJ's father, Joe Jackson rents a condo in Las Vegas. The connection between the two is Henry M. Lowell.

Lowell is an old friend and business partner of the family. I have found some ventures he launched with Joe in the early 90's, their most recent one has been establised late last year under "Falcon Hawk Entertainment LLC". However none of these businesses produced any serious money.

Katherine along with some other family members owns Unique Wood Designs Inc., the company that holds the ownership of the Gary family home. The company is operated by Lowell as well.

Katherine and Joe with some other individuals established the Jackson Family Charitable Foundation and the Jackson Development & Marketing Corporation. According to a document sent from the family to Gary's major:

"The Jackson Family Foundation, a not for profit organization, was established by Joseph and Katherine Jackson for the purpose of developing the Jackson Family Museum and Michael Jackson Performing Arts & Culture Center and Concert Hall, and Michael Jackson Memorial Pavilion to be built in the birthplace of the Jackson musical family; Gary, Indiana. In addition, Simon Sahouri as the president of the Jackson Family Foundation and the Jackson Development and Marketing Corporation is to spearhead the entire projects.

The Jackson Development and Marketing Corporation has been created as a for profit company to develop and operate the project. It will be responsible for the overall development, management, and general operations of the entire Jackson Family Center. The Jackson Family Foundation will manage and facilitate the philanthropic work of the foundation."

Lowell was the key instrument in getting together the Jacksons, Howard Mann and Melissa Johnson.

Another name that often pops up in the Jackson family business is Simon Sahouri, Joe's financial advisor from Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...


I was under the impression Latoya was no longer listed as a owner of the Hayvenhurst compound. Hasn't Michael or the estate bought her off?

Susan62509 said...

I was under the impression that Latoya once owned a small percentage of Hayvenhurst but no longer does. The Estate bought her out.

LeslieMJHu said...


I answered the question in my next entry.


lily said...

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