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I have been asked about the Hayvenhurst home ownership in a previous post.

The Hayvenhurst estate is still jointly owned by the Michael Jackson Estate and LaToya Jackson. As well they jointly own the other Encino home.

As an interesting tidbit: both properties are under rebilding at the moment (Hayvenhurst estate applied for rebuilding on March 3, 2010; Encino estate applied on August 10, 2010). Both properties will be developed with an ultra-modern heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system amongst others.

Neverland is still owned by Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC.

According to the documents all property taxes are paid, and no intention for selling them.


Anonymous said...

hello, In different docs, the estate says it owns the property, no mention of Latoya. Are you sure ?

LeslieMJHu said...


What documents you mean? I haven't seen any saying so concretly.

I just checked the public ownership informations.


Ivy said...


Have you seen what TMZ just posted ?

" We checked the records of the L.A. County Recorder, and the title is currently held as Michael Jackson J Decd [deceased]. And Michael Kane, Michael's business manager, is listed as a co-owner. La Toya's name is never mentioned."

LeslieMJHu said...


I checked the ownership informations through an agent, who gets the documents from the government office.

Until April, 2010 the documents clearly states that the estate is owned by MJ and LaToya. As well according to what I saw, they still jointly own that.

The only thing that I can imagine, when the MJ Estate paid out the loans for the Hayvenhurst home, they got the other half of the ownership that the documents doesn't show properly yet.

We will see.


Anonymous said...

in 93, lisa campbell wrote :
"LaToya upset the family further in February, 1990, when she announced her intentions to sell her 25% share ownership in Hayvenhurst, the family's Encino..."

Anonymous said...


Susan62509 said...

Real property ownership can be found on the Los Angeles County Assessor's website. I just checked and L.A. County charges money to get online access. The majority of counties in the U.S. are free.

It usually takes 3 to 6 months to get a home recorded from time of purchase. It can be longer depending upon homes sales in the area. The recorders office never seems to be in a rush to record.

I would assume if there was joint ownership in a home the other owners/persons name would appear on legal documents filed in court with the Estates name as petitioner(s).

Susan62509 said...

TMZ was wrong when they wrote when MJ died that his portion rolled to Latoya. It doesn't work that way. MJ's percentage (if jointly owned) rolls into his Estate.

Anonymous: Thank you for answering my question the other day under another topic.

LeslieMJHu said...


I would be really surprised if the MJ Estate took over the whole compound. Because the records even showed the details of the re-building on Hayvenhurst, but still nothing of the ownership changes.


Ivy said...

A little info: The below is an article from 1996 about Korean newspaper suing to get Hayvenhurst home. According to this in 1993 La Toya was removed from her interest in the house. It doesn't tell us what happened after 1996. But La Toya still has an active bankruptcy (since 1995), I guess it wouldn't make sense to transfer Hayvenhurst back to her.

"Attorneys for the Segye Times of Seoul, Korea, late yesterday filed a lawsuit in Santa Barbara County Superior Court against Michael Jackson to take ownership of the home of Joseph and Katherine Jackson. The ownership is legally listed in Michael Jackson's name.

In 1983, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson purportedly conveyed to their son Michael a 50 percent interest in the property, retaining the other 50 percent ownership in their name. Then, later that same year, Mr. Jackson purportedly conveyed his remaining 25 percent interest to his son.

In 1987, Mrs. Jackson purportedly deeded her remaining 25 percent interest to daughter LaToya Jackson. In 1990, Mrs. Jackson sued her daughter to return her 25 percent interest because that interest "was in jeopardy as community property and subject to loss in the event of any adverse litigation involving other family members."

In 1993, a deed was recorded in which Mrs. Jackson "who previously conveyed to (and withdraws from) LaToya Jackson, as nominee only, an undivided 25 percent interest" and then purportedly conveyed that interest to her son Michael as "nominee only.""

Susan62509 said...

“In 1996 Segye Times filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson in order to take over possession and control of a house he owned in Encino, California. This is where Michael's parents lived and the newspaper claimed that ownership of the house had been transferred into Michael's name in order to defraud the creditors of Katherine and Joe Jackson and prevent collection of debts they owed. In 1999 Katherine and Joe Jackson filed for bankruptcy and listed the Segye Times' judgment as one of their outstanding debts.”

Source: http://wills.about.com/b/2010/07/06/michael-jacksons-estate-will-katherine-jackson-lose-her-inheritance.htm

“In the lawsuit, Segye Times claimed they were out $5.5 million. To avoid losing their Encino home, the Jacksons transferred ownership to Michael. (That’s the short version. The long version, including the parents suing LaToya, is too hard to explain here.)”

“In 1996, Segye Times filed to take possession of the home. That’s when they transferred it to Michael.”

Source: http://www.showbiz411.com/2010/06/28/michael-jackson-moonies-want-millions-from-his-parents

Anonymous said...

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