Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson - Updates

More updates in the above titled case:

- A trial date has been appointed for April 19, 2011.

- The witness list has been filed. You haven't seen all these names on one page yet: Melissa Johnson, Melvin Wilson (officer for Johnson), Evan Spiegel (former MJ attorney), Mark Harrison (former MJ attorney), Michael Kane (accountant for the MJ Estate and MJ), Howard Mann, Evvy Tavasci (former MJ assistant), John Branca, Karen Langford (MJ Estate attorney), Fekix Sebacius (Bravado representative), Kristen Fancher (MJ Estate attorney), Brian Oxman, Raymone Bain, Van Alexander, Grace Rwamba, John Grant (domain name specialist), Katherine Jackson, John McClain, Stuart Backermann, Frank DiLeo, etc.
Just by looking at this list we can say that this will a final, big breakdown of all the dirty people in MJ's world.

- Johnson's attorney filed an objection against the MJ Estate's supplemental document, claiming that Johnson is entitled for all the copyrights and running her fake charity because MJ in his life didn't have problems with her work.

- Almost 2.000 items has been filed with the court as evidences.

If this case will really go on trial, that will be a hard but fast win for the MJ Estate.


Bridgett_361 said...

Can you explain more who are calling all those people.
Which side
Thank you for all the update I hope you don't mine I tweet them.

Anonymous said...

leslie, do you know the content of Bain, Grace or Van Alexander's testimonies ?

Anonymous said...

why do you say hard win?

Anonymous said...

It says the estate of Michael Jackson!

june said...

Johnson filed with USPTO in 2009 (shortly after Michael's death) Heal the World Foundation, (and 20 + other trademarks, some of which have already been suspended by USPTO) then merged it with Michael's original HTWF (formed in 1991) and had her name transferred from the 2009 document to the 1991 document. That's why her name appears on the 1991 document. Interesting that the name Evvy Tavasci appears on a witness list; MJ's personal assistant for many years and nothing has been written about her since he died. It seems if the Estate had looked into the status of these Marks right after MJ's death (rather than putting out a film), the Estate could have trumped Johnson's filings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

Do you know what are the concrete evidence for M. Johnson ? e-mails, letters, contracts, testimonies ? from who ?

Anonymous said...

Branca & McClain were appointed special administrators on July 6, 2009. On July 7, Johnson applied for trademarks

LeslieMJHu said...


Melissa Johnson has plenty of e-mails saved about conversations with MJ's people as evidence. Nothing else that I know of.

As to my knowledge neither Bain, Rwamba or Alexander has been interviewed by the lawyers so far.

I need some time to categorize the witnesses...


Anonymous said...

She also has a contract with MJJ Productions with "First right to refusal"

Anonymous said...

hello, do you know if these e-mails against are hard evidence ?


Susan62509 said...

Anonymous, who has a contract with MJJ Productions for first rights?

Evvy was MJ's secretary for years. That is the person that received Johnson's mail & calls to MJ.

From what I understand the only evidence Johnson has is a letter from Oxman, emails from others involved with HTWF in 91 and everything else is verbal. Bain was MJ's personal/social manager at the time and Johnson said she talked with Bain.

Johnson can't just transfer trademarks into her name because she feels like it. If she defrauded the USPTO and the Estate can prove it, Johnson is going to face serious federal legal consequences.

Anonymous said...

@ Susan :

The injunction document released to 'Radar online' mentions on page 4/19 it says

"In May 2003, Johnson
entered into an agreement with Jackson and his company, MJJ Productions, to transfer
the domain names that she had registered."

And why do you think Michael Jackson will enter into an agreement with his stalker?

About how I know about "first rights" . I can tell no one.

Ivy said...


You need to explain the details of the "first right of refusal" more.

As far as we know the agreement between her and MJJ productions was about the domain names sale / transfer. Do you mean she has a first right of refusal if Michael ever planned to sell or transfer the domain names? (if anything else please at least give a little detail about what it covers)

Any ROFR about domain names wouldn't authorize her to revive the charity and / or get trademarks in her name and/or claim it's Michael's charity.

Plus as far as I can remember the Estate isn't making any claims / requests about the domain names.

Anonymous said...

Melissa fought to save Michaels trademarks beginning 08. like she saved all Michaels domain names numerous times before: Melissa worked with Harrison(Michaels attorney) from 08 to save Michaels trademarks, otherwise they would have been taken by others, in fact they were registered by others, it was Melissa who rescued them back!! Instead of kissing her feet for the good that she did, they attack her: With lies and false accusations!!

Anonymous said...

Leslie, i dont see all these witnesses on the list,I have just checked it out, how do you know this info?

Anonymous said...

Its OK, got the complete list, thank you

LeslieMJHu said...


I would remind some of the posters that the Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson case is about that Johnson registered trademarks, domain names, companies that are referring to MJ's likenes owned by his estate. And she DOES NOT want to give them back to the estate. And it's not like she is holding them for herself, she licensed these rights for other businesses, or sold items for money.

If the MJ Estate wouldn't fight then from now on everyone could register MJ related domains and trademarks, could sell items in his name referring to this case as precedent. And then the MJ Estate incomes would go down. Not to talk about cases when a fake MJ trademark owner would stop a new album, movie, etc release from the MJ Estate claiming interest in the product or just to interfere with it.
This is something that the Jackson family and some fans can't understand, because they are thinking in short terms: more money and now!