Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson - Updates II.

More updates from the above titled case:

- On March 1, 2011 John Branca and Melissa Johnson sat down to settle the case, unsuccessfully. It means that the case will go on trial most likely.

- In a new deposition Johnson describes the story of getting in touch with the Jacksons. She claims that Katherine and Joe's manager, Henry Lowell reached out to her, started the discussions and finally introduced her to Mann.

- Johnson organised a meeting about HTWF on November 19, 2010. She got Katherine and Joe there and they decided on to merge Johnson's fake charity, and MJ's real foundation that she took over fraudently. As well they agreed on include Katherine and Joe in the board of directors. On the very same meeting they agreed on the HTWF and Vintage Pop licensing agreement.

In my opinion Johnson once might have been a great fan of MJ. But over the years something went wrong. Bothering MJ's team with expired domain names tells a lot, but that was just the beginning, and now we can see that her mental conditions dropped even more. Because of her colorful imagination she feels entitled to committing frauds and misleading people. The questions is, how big part of her motivation comes from financial issues?
If her case goes on trial, it will break down immediaetly. This whole circus is just about the American justice system, where the MJ Estate has to fight against these cases as well.


Anonymous said...

The fact that settlement discussion happened is supposedly to have been kept confidential. Who leaked it to you? " Branca".

Ivy said...


They filed that they engaged in settlement negotiations but couldn't come to an argument in the COURT documents. Anyone that is requesting court documents can see this. So nobody is leaking anything.

Exact Quote from the documents below

"Pursuant to the Court’s August 3, 2010 Amended Scheduling and Case Management Order for Jury Trial, Plaintiffs submit this Status Report Regarding Settlement.

Following the issuance of the Preliminary Injunction Order against Defendants in April 2010, the Parties engaged in settlement discussions. Plaintiffs made an offer to Defendants and Defendants made a counter-offer. No resolution was reached.

On March 1, 2011, the Parties engaged in a settlement conference with an agreedupon Settlement Officer, Max Factor, III. In addition to counsel for the Parties, John Branca appeared on behalf of Plaintiffs, and Melissa Johnson and Mel Wilson appeared on behalf of Defendants. Despite good faith efforts by both Parties, no settlement was reached on March 1, 2011.

It was Plaintiffs’ intent to submit a joint status report, but Defendants’ counsel failed to sign and return the joint report in a timely fashion, despite orally expressing his agreement with its substance."

Anonymous said...

I wonder when the next court hearing is. And when is the trial scheduled?

Michael Jackson: And Justice for Some said...

Why is it that when a blogger posts information that regards the MJ Estate, there is always someone who accuses the blogger of being in cahoots with John Branca?

Anonymous (1st post), had you read Leslie's entire post, you would have realized that Branca and Johnson DID NOT come to settlement agreement, therefore this case will more than likely go to trial.

Just because a blogger is knowledgeable regarding the MJ Estate, does not mean that the blogger has some sort of secret alliance with John Branca. Like he doesn't have enough on his plate!

LeslieMJHu said...


I have no connection with the MJ Estate, and it wasn't clear for me if the first poster suggested this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question Leslie. I had to ask it because of the depth of information available here.

@ all others : I would also prefer that all pro branca supporters stop attacking people that ask questions and defending branca. People do not need your attacking opinions to make their conclusions. Everyone has a working brain that can make its own conclusions.

june said...

There is such blatant fraud here; it's a shame the estate has to spend precious time on this. Unfortunately, with Mr. and Mrs. Jackson's involvement, imo the estate is treading lightly. The worst part is Johnson's involving Michael's children in perpetuating this fraud on an unsuspecting public.

Ivy said...


I believe this is an issue of how you ask the question.

You could have simply asked "where , how do you get this information?" and I'm sure that Leslie would tell you the source (court documents).

But look to your question: You are accusing of someone leaking confidential information to Leslie and furthermore suggest that it could be Branca.

See my point? It's not a question, it's more like an accusation.

There's nothing wrong with asking question but like I said, a neutral question would have been better.

Eiffel said...
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Eiffel said...

Well said Ivy! And just the 1st posters response sort of speaks for itself.

Given how Branca and McClain are attacked repeatedly, being accused of murder and whathaveyou, they need defenders.

Anonymous said...

@ others

Your response depends on what tone you read the question in. I could continue to argue here but I do not have the "Luxury of time" in my busy life to do so. I also do not want to litter Leslie's neat blog arguing with others I dont even know.

@ Leslie, I have been following your blog from ever since Michael hired Londell Mcmillan. My only reason for the question was because the depth of information is more now. Hereafter I will email you if I have any questions.

You can also delete my comments if you feel that it is affecting the neatness of your blog.