Michael Jackson Estate On Probate Court - Updated

I have reported about a March 15, 2011 hearing regarding the sale of a real property owned by the MJ Estate.

Until now it wasn't clear what this motion is about. On March 2, 2011 an objection has been filed by Genevieve Jackson, Randy Jackson Jr., Donte Jackson and Alejandra Jackson. So this motion might be about the eviction of Alejandra and her co. from the Hayvenhurst family home. And/or the offer made to her by the MJ Estate to move them into the other Encino house the Estate owns.

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Susan62509 said...

Leslie: I notice the Probate Court hearing scheduled for Mar. 15 said "sale" also. This threw me. That is the date scheduled for the eviction suit & Alejandra's motion stipulates that the Estate cannot sell Hayvenhurst. IMO, I feel child services initiated the Estate to evict because KJ wouldn't follow the child services request after the Jermajesty stun gun incident. Ms. Lodise also filed paperwork w/the Probate Court after that incident took place. Alejandra is a piece of work isn't she? lol

Thank you for your information.