Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson - Updates

The recent updates in the above titled case:

- The MJ Estate filed a supplement with more allegations against Johnson. Amongst others they claim that Johnson contacted Jackson family members for supporting the fake Heal The World Foundation. Some family members even have been appointed as board members for HTWF.

- The MJ Estate claims that Johnson lied to many of the authorities, fraudently revived MJ's original HTWF saying that she has been asked by MJ to do so (according to the papers the foundation has been suspended due to non-payment of fees). Then she merged MJ's foundation with her fake one and appointed herself as the president of the survival foundation.

- The MJ Estate claims that on or around July, 2010 Johnson contacted someone around the family, and through him was able to reach Katherine and Joe Jackson, as well MJ's kids. They all have been involved with the fake foundation.

- Johnson's claims are relaying on a letter from Brian Oxman recollecting a conversation from 2005 saying: "This letter will confirm that in February, 2005, Mr. Michael Jackson instructed me to inform you that he approved of your proposals regarding Heal the World Foundation and requested that you act on behalf of the Foundation to preserve and protect it and its trademarks. Mr. Jackson instructed me to inform you to keep the Foundation active, work on behalf of the Foundation to promote its purposes and goals, run the Foundation’s operations, and revive its corporate status.”
The problem is that Oxman wasn't MJ's attorney (represented Joe at the time), and the letter itself didn't empower Johnson to take over HTWF.

- In December, 2010 Johnson entered into a licencing agreement with Mann despite the court order that prohibited her from using anything related to MJ. Even her agreement with Mann said that the two won't do anything until the case will be closed down. Opposite to this Mann organised an event in December where he mentioned HTWF as well used MJ's name, and did so continually since then together with Johnson.

- The MJ Estate claimed that Johnson and Mann continually misled the public in the appearances and interviews.

- Johnson claims in her deposition that MJ appointed her as a director of HTWF, but she never saw the actual document of this.

- All the above mentioned claims can be proved through various depositions from the past 2 months.

- A tidbit: In it's first 3 years MJ spent $21 million through HTWF.

More to come tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

oxman was his criminal lawyer in 2004-2005? He was fired by Messereau in 2005.

Anonymous said...

As far as I remember Oxman was a (self-proclaimed) spokesperson for the Jackson family around that time until Meserau got a gag order on Oxman forbidding to speak in public about the Jackson case.

LeslieMJHu said...


Then Oxman's communication to Johnson might have happened after he has been fired (as per the MJ Estate's claim).


PM said...
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Anonymous said...

Oxman was never MJ's civil attorney.
He briefly represented MJ on a criminal case in 2005 but later got fired by T-Mez.

Melissa Johnson is a sick woman. and lying to authorities is a felony. she should be jailed for Fraud.