9 New Michael Jackson Song Titles

New Michael Jackson song titles, that MJ recorded with Michael Durham Prince and Theron Feemster in 2009!

Bang Your Head
Broken Chair
Don’t Make Me Stay
Lady of Summer
Red Eye
Silent Spring


acrs said...

HEllo, what are your sources?
How know it you ?
Thank you.

Susan62509 said...

Thank you for researching and sharing these new songs by MJ with us. I appreciate all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Where or when will we be able to listen to unreleased material?

Where do we have to look?

Anonymous said...

I have read that Water is a Cascio song and Red Eye is from Dangerous sessions. What are your sources?

Thank you for your job.

Susan62509 said...

Here’s a couple of MJ unreleased songs you can listen too.

Touch The One You Love

Serious Effect

She Got It

Work That Body

This is the URL to the playlist of MJJNews, if you want to see what else she’s got there: http://swift.fm/MJJNews/

Anonymous said...

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Nicole said...

Are these new songs of Michael going to be release soon? I really enjoyed the new album "Michael".

Michelle Potier said...


"Touch The One You Love" is old and was released on MJ's album "Farewell My Summer Love" already.