Business Updates

Every business decesion is made by the Estate run by John Branca and John McClain. That's the corner stone of MJ's business empire now. They mainly work with Greenber Traurig's lawyers (they serverd MJ til his death, lead by Joel Katz).

Other business entities and their status:

The Michael Jackson Company LLC (new company in Delaware, it's the "business face" of the Estate)
MJJ Productions Inc. (old company, recently suspended in California, replaced with MJJ Productions LLC in Delaware)

MJJ Kingdom LLC (active both in California and Delaware, owns MJ's latest recordings)
MJJ Records LLC (active both in California and Delaware, owns releases under MJJ Music with Sony)

MJJ Ventures Inc. (active in California, owns MJ's musical videos)
Optimum Productions Inc. (active in California, owns some of MJ's musical videos' rights, amongst others "Thriller")

Triumph International Inc. (active in California, owns MJ's trademarks and licensing rights)

Sony/ATV Music Publishing (active in Delaware, MJ appointed Joel Katz as his representative in the company. The company owns amongst others the Beatles catalouge.)
MJ Publishing Trust (active in Delaware, holds publishing rights to MJ's songs and other artists)

New Horizon Trust I. (activce in Delaware, holds publishing rights against debts)
New Horizon Trust II. (activce in Delaware, holds publishing rights against debts)
New Horizon Trust III. (activce in Delaware, holds publishing rights against debts)
Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC (active in Califorina, the Estate 50% owns Neverland through this company)


Chin Tu Lan said...

Superb blog!!! You Hungarian fans are the best!

What happened to all the other publishing companies that you listed here earlier? http://lesliemjhu.blogspot.com/2009/06/michael-jacksons-business-issues.html

Chin Tu Lan said...

Whatever happened to MJ Licensing LLC, MJ Sony Music Trust and especially Mijac???

LeslieMJHu said...

I just realised that it's a bit misleading to list all the publishing companies, because some of them doesn't have any role in MJ's businesses. Most of them has been set up years ago for transactions, indebtness, etc. The ones I mentioned in this post are still important pieces.

The publishing companies with Sony are still active.
Of course MiJac is still active, I might forget about it.

MJ Licensing Llc is a complete mistery for me. It seems that the company still operates in some parts of the EU and Asia based on their agreement with MJ in 2003. MJ's Estate might receive the majority of the incomes, but it's still shaky for me.

shelly said...

Do you know what happened to that company

Name: Jackson International LLC
Profile: Management and investment
Established: 12-21-1998
Status: Active

LeslieMJHu said...

Jackson International is somehow still active in California. MJ used this company for some investments in the late 90's. I guess the Estate knows about it, so the reason for leaving it actinve might be a role in MJ's businesses.