Unreleased Songs - Updates

MJ surely left behind some unreleased songs. These songs are owned by his Estate now. According to the Estate's agreement with Sony, songs created until 2003 will be released by Sony. The future of other unreleased materials is unclear. Songs from the Jackson 5 era will be released under Universal.

Some barely known unreleased tracks (not a full list):

- With Bradley Buxler: Adore You, Boy No, Changes, Days In Gloucestershire, Don't Be Messin', Hollywood, I Am A Loser, Innocent Man, Jungle, Just Remember, Light The Way, Neverland Landing, Pray For Peace, Rocker, Thank Heaven, World Of Candy.

- With Bryan Loren: Who Do You Know, Verdict, Seven Digits, Man In Black, Pressure.


R.J. @Michael Jackson Beat said...

actually the agreement includes all unreleased songs from the Off The Wall era up to his latest album he was planning on releasing had he not died(how I read the press release last March).

LeslieMJHu said...

I haven't seen the actual documents. As to my understanding the new Sony deal covers the unreleased materials up to 2003.