Melissa Johnson Case Tidbits

Some tidbits from the Melissa Johnson case:

- The Estate of Michael Jackson sued Johnson, because she heavily started to register trademarks and other intellectual property related to MJ right after his death. And she used these rights to gain money. Johnson insisted that she only did this to protect MJ's legacy.

- Johnson's attorneys requested for a whitdrawal few weeks ago. Now she must get new attorney, or she will lose the case.

- Johnson claims that she was in close relation with MJ's management in the past decade or so. Documents show that she only e-mailed with Al Malnik, Van Alexander and Stuart Backerman.

- Backerman in one of his e-mails says that MJ is a fool and is under the control of the Nation of Islam. He also expressed that he is happy to be out of that crazy house.

- Johnson back in 2003 sold all of the MJ related domains to MJJ Productions for 25.000 dollars.

- On July 14, 2009 some of MJ's top lawyers held a phone conference, and insisted that they don't want to relauncg the Heal The World Foundation, because they think MJ wouldn't wanna do it as well.

- Evvy Tavasci worked for MJ since March 18, 1991 in various positions, but mostly as his Personal Assistant. She continued to work with MJ's estate lawyers.

- A music producer gave a deposition and said that Johnson misrepresented the HTW and insisted that this is the official foundation by MJ. Based on this false pretention, this producer gave money to Johnson.

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Anonymous said...

Your post that quotes an email I allegedly sent Melissa Johnson 7 years ago is misleading and taken out of context.MJ was diabolically under the control of the Nation Of Islam after his arrest in 03', and my concern was for his welfare..I would never call Michael a fool, but in this case he was foolish to allow these people to hurt him, which they did.Please retract, or clarify your post..Stuart Backerman