Legal Updates

- Ayscough and Marar filed for a dismissal in their case against the Estate on April 20th. The reasons are not known yet.

- Bravado sued at least 5 companies for copyright infrigment since MJ's death.

- The First Commemorative Mint Inc. sued both Bravado and Triumph International. They are seeking for compensation because of alleged damages. Mint claims that Bravado delayed the promotion of it's commemorative coin collection licensed from Bravado. At one point Bravado told them that the "Estate does not want any ads related to merchandising".

- Universal Music-Z Tunes sued the Van Passel brothers in New York, claiming that the court order regarding You Are Not Alone is invalid in the USA. Van Passels alleged that YANA was a copyright infrigment of their previous song If We Can Start All Over. Universal says that the Belgian court did not make an appropiate investigation if the Van Passel song was original (FYI: YANA's rights are owned by Universal now).

- Sony Music Entertainment claims TV Guide Network violated copyright by repeatedly broadcasting a one-hour show on the TV Guide Channel using nine music videos of Michael Jackson, just after the entertainer died, in Manhattan Federal Court.

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