Properties Updates

We know that MJ did not buy any properties betweeen 2005-2007 residing in Dubai, France and Ireland. As well we know he lived in rented mansions between 2007-2009.

- Gary family home is still owned by a person called Anthony Othis Whitehead. His address is the same as Brian Oxman's, so most likely the family compound is still owned by the Jacksons. The house's estimated value is $22.000, no liens or unpaid taxes.

- The Enchino home is owned by the Estate, who agreed that the Kids, Katherine and her relatives might use the compound. Taxes are paid, the home has a $4 million lien.

- Neverland is still owned jointly by MJ and Tom Barrack's company. Neverland has a $24 million unpaid lien. I could not find any updates regarding the two liens if they are already paid or not.

- Katherine sold her Las Vegas condo for $14.000 on June 19th, 2008.

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