Personal Items Updates

According to the publicly available informations, MJ's personal items can be found on three different locations:

- Items from the last years (like the "Carolwood mansion") are owned by the Estate and located in storages in California.

- Early years and family items are owned by Henry Vaccaro in New Jersey storages. Vaccaro won his cases both against Overtoun and Universal Express, so now he is the only owner of the collection. The Estate reviewed the items on July 21st, 2009 and took some personal things out. The next day Vaccaro moved the whole collection from Las Vegas back to New Jersey. The items can be viewed on www.j5secrets.com or on www.youtube.com/user/HenryVaccaro.

- Neverland items are owned by the Estate and circulated on several auctions/exhibitions worldwide. Some of the items will be sold on June 25th in Las Vegas. The Estate might think that the items will worth more and give good reviews if they are sold.


Anonymous said...

juliens denied that the estate contributed any item to the upcoming auction. Only family members & friends. If you have a source that can refute Juliens' statement, can you post here pls?

Great blog.

LeslieMJHu said...

Some of the items are clearly from the Neverland collection. I know of no leakings from the collection, that's why I think that some of the items are from the Estate somehow.