Business Updates

- On August 20th, 2009. Bravado entered into an agreement with First Commemorative Mint Inc. about selling commemorative coins and related material about MJ for a 12 months period. In advance Mint paid $750.000 to Bravado (officialmjcoin.com). Due to a litigation between the two parties, the official sale of the coin haven't started yet.

- On December 7th, 2009. Bravado signed an Agreement with Rubie's Costume Company to manufacture costumes based on MJ's character. Since then Smiffy's, a century old company sued Rubie's claiming they are also entitled to creat such merchandising under MJ Licensing Llc. The case has been dismissed earlier this year, both companies are selling MJ related items.

- On January 4th, 2010. Bravado partnered with Playmates Toys to create a line of collectible memorablia featuring MJ. First wave will launch in 2010.

- Sometime in 2009 Triumph and Bravado agreed with Hot Toys to release a MJ figure in 2010. Most likely HT had a valid agreement with a previous agent of Triumph and they want to fulfill this agreement.

- Pyramid owns the rights to sell MJ related posters and calendars. According to them the MJ materials sold over 1 million copies, and this caused a frenzy they haven't seen since forming in 1992. Pyramid markets MJ products since 2006. The 3D Jackson poster sold 40.000 pieces alone from July to December last year.

- Both MJ Publishing Trust and MJ-ATV Publishing are managed by Ziffren, Bitterham. New Horizont Trust was created to merge MJ's publishing rights and securing debts from various banks. Then MJ-ATV was transferred to NHT II. (secure by Wells Fargo Bank) and MJP to NHT III. (secured by HSBC, Plainfield Gaming II.).
On December 30th, 2009. MJP has been sold to NHT III. as a part of refinancing the debts. MJ-ATV must be refinanced as well no later then this September.

- On November 17th, 2009. John Branca and John McClain re-negoiated MJ's agreement with BMI and Warner (BMI Agreement, Warner Agreement, Stewart Agreement).

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Great work. Enjoy reading your blog...

Please continue updating us on the latest legal development involving MJ's estate.

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