Legal Updates

Below you may read an overview of the legal cases for the Estate of Michael Jackson:

- No interesting hearings for the following months regarding the Estate on the Los Angeles Superior Court.

- Full list of creditor claims (marked with asterisk are rejected by the Estate; marked with plus are settled by the Estate):
[432 million dollars in total. I reviewed each case and the total payouts will not exceed 20 millions in my opinion.]

Legal Advisers:
+ Ayscough and Marar ($200.000)
Susan Yu ($340.000)
Sidney Lanier ($3 million)
Michael L. Abrams ($1.500)
Arnold & Porter LLP (164.000)
Kleinberg Lopez Lange Cuddy and Klein LLP ($629.000)
Venable LLP ($471.000)
Eric George ($175.000)

Business Advisers:
Don Stabler ($180.000)
Leonard Rowe ($300.000)
Dr. Tohme R. Tohme ($2.3 million)
* Raymone K. Bain ($44 million)
Signal Hill Capital ($328.000)

Accounting Advisers:
Crowe Horwath LLP ($38.000)
Cannon & Company CPAS LLP ($?)

Business Partners:
Segye Times ($7.9 millions)
Jurgen Bachus ($6.7 million)
* All Good Entertainment ($300 million)
Universal Music Publishing ($3.000)
The Machine Management ($285.000)
Nederlander Presentations Inc. ($?)
William Bone ($?)

Creative Partners:
LaVelle Smith Jr. ($150.000)
George Folsey Jr. ($1 million)
John Landis ($1.3 million)
Ola Ray ($?)

Other Employees:
Van Alexander ($70.000)
Arnold Klein ($50.000)
Aner Iglesias ($234.000)
Kai Chase Inc. ($8.000)
Bradley Buxer ($48.000)
Michael Boddicker ($?)
Avinash Bruno Irde ($8.000)
Diane Williams ($60.000)
Craig A. Johnson ($374.000)
Lynda Parrish ($212.000)

* Helen Harris-Scott ($50 million)
A4V Digital, Inc. ($736.000)
Atkins Thomson Solicitors ($200.000)
+ Video & Audio Center ($128.000)
* Jose Freddie Vallejo ($3.3 million)
* Claire McMillan (2.2 million)
* Richard Lapointe ($5 million)
State of California Franchise Tax Board ($?)
Intermedia Productions Ltd. ($?)
Sharad Chandra Patel ($?)

- Ayscough and Marar filed for a dismissal in their case against the Estate on April 20th. The reasons are not known yet.

- Video and Audio Center filed for a dismissal as well.

- Helen Harris-Scott's case has been dismissed on March 1st.

- The John Landis and Ola Ray cases regarding the royalties of the "Thriller" video has been merged. The trial setting conference will be held on May 24th.

- The AllGood Entertainment case is scheduled to go on trial in October. No major updates yet.

- No major updates with Raymone Bain's case as well.

- Richard Lapointe's case about the never sold Jackson memorablia is still ongoing. However majority of the defendants has been dismissed.

- As the media reported, in the Melissa Johnson case the Estate had a big win this week. Will provide you with more details about this later.

- Since MJ's death, MJ Publishing Trust sued 20+ companies, because of unauthorized use of his songs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the information about the estate. I understand that Leonard Rowe - one of the people that you have listed - has written a tell all book about the underhanded dealings surrounding Michael Jackson's death. And, he has unrefutable documented evidence that the will is a phony. Have you heard anything about this. I hear that there is an excerpt on the internet that can be read, but I can't find it. Have you seen anything. It would be great if you could let us know if you run accross any more information about the book and its contents. Thanks.

Cathy said...

Thank you for the legal updates. I understand that Leonard Rowe, one of the people on your list, has written a tell all book about the greed and corruption surrounding Michael Jackson's death and the phony will. Have you heard anything about it. I hear there is an excerpt somewhere on the web. If you do hear about it, please let us know. Again, thanks for the wonderful information that you provide.

Anonymous said...

"- Ayscough and Marar filed for a dismissal in their case against the Estate on April 20th. The reasons are not known yet."

You put a "+" next to their name...meaning the estate has settled their claim. They have since filed for a dismissal, will the money be returned to the estate? Will we ever know why they have requested a dismissal?

Thank you for your great work


LeslieMJHu said...

I haven't heard about the Leonard Rowe documents.

I have seen the Ayscough legal documents, but it does not specify the terms of their agreement with the Estate. I guess the Estate had to pay some money.

Dialdnacer said...

Why did you not report on the release of Jackson's FBI Files nor the fact it has been largely ignored by Mainstream Media, the Estate, the family and just about everyone?

LeslieMJHu said...

I went throught he FBI files, but it didn't make me excited at all, sorry.