Raymone Bain Case Tidbits

Some tidbits from the Raymone Bain case:

- Bain insisted that around 2006 MJ's bank accounts were totally empty, and she must lend some money to him for hotel costs, airplane tickets, etc.

- MJ worked with LaVelle Smith in May 2007, but didn't pay him. That's why LaVelle is on the creditors list now.

- Bain said that on December 27, 2007 Londell McMillan, MJ's then lawyer threatened her through a phone conversation. She said that four of her colleagues witnessed this incident. Finally McMillan abruptly hung up the phone on Bain.

- On December 3, 2007 one of MJ's lawyers shared a list in e-mail with Bain amongst others. The list consisted 25 names whom MJ would pay to erase his past debts, including Thomas Mesereau, Roberto Hernandez (paparazzi), Debbie Rowe, Randy Jackson.

- In late July, 2006 MJ sent out e-mail messages to his past employees and partners. He thanked for everyone's hard work in a "tough part of his life". The list included Susan Yu, Thomas Mesereau, Robert Sanger, Brian Wolf. He also insisted that any unpaid bills will be resolved shortly.

- In August, 2006 MJ fired some of his longtime employees insisting a change in his empire. Some of his people were offered with new positions, like Evvy Tavasci, Muhammed Bashir. These things shows to me that MJ tried to clean up his life from time to time.

- MJ started to work with the late Peter Lopez in August, 2006.

- MJ gave a deposition in the Sydow McDonald case sometime in 2006, saying that he never hired the company.

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